Vlog Post: The Presumption of Guilt in Bulgaria

Personal Blog of Dr. Radosveta Vassileva

Contrary to the requirements of the European Convention on Human Rights, the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights, and Directive 2016/343 on the presumption of innocence, Bulgaria’s Prosecutor’s Office consistently applies a presumption of guilt!

Spectacular televised arrests, violence against suspects, destruction of proof, and simulation of trials are common in the country.

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Видео пост: Презумпцията за виновност в България

Personal Blog of Dr. Radosveta Vassileva

Зрелищни арести, насилие срещу заподозрени, унищожаване на доказателства и симулация на съдебни процеси.

Въпреки че презумпцията за невинност е фундаментален принцип на Европейската конценция за правата на човека и на Хартата на основните права на ЕС и е залегнала в Директива 2016/343, българската прокуратура упорито прилага презумпция за виновност.

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In the Struggle for Freedom of Expression, I stand with Julian Assange



Today I reassert my own voice because a courageous man has been arbitrarily silenced and isolated. Today I speak out because this man — a bastion of freedom whom I had come to view as unstoppable — has been silenced by powerful forces of oppression acting outside the rule of law. Today I speak out because without my voice, without your voice, without our voice, this man’s human rights will continue to be violated. Today I speak out in the hope that his ability to fight this injustice will be amplified by my voice. Join me!

A terrible propaganda war of great proportions has been underway against Julian Assange over the course of this decade. A propaganda war with many grotesque and ridiculous tactics, focusing on such menial aspects as the hygiene and bodily odors of its victim. A propaganda war that has branded Julian as a rapist, although he…

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Bill Richardson’s Center for Global Engagement Supports Tzvetan Vassilev’s Application under the US Magnitsky Act

Bulgarian Magnitsky

Tzvetan Vassilev and Radosveta Vassileva Tzvetan Vassilev with his daughter Dr. Radosveta Vassileva: The Vassilevs believe the US Magnitsky Act is a unique chance to fight Bulgarian corruption

Earlier this year, former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson took personal interest in the case of Tzvetan Vassilev who is subjected to abuse of human rights by Bulgaria as he exposed the corrupt mechanisms of Bulgaria’s political mafia. In an op-ed for his Center for Global Engagement, Richardson referred to Tzvetan Vassilev’s case as ‘Bulgaria’s Magnitsky.’

‘Tzvetan Vassilev’s case returns a dismal, granular picture of autocratic rulers in a nominal democracy plagued by pervasive corruption and dominated by a Bulgarian mafia with its systematic abuses of state authority harking back to the fall of Communism,’ emphasizes Richardson. The distinguished US diplomat clarifies that there are many similarities between the Magnitsky case, which motivated the US government to enact the Magnitsky Act, and Tzvetan Vassilev’s case. ‘State-directed…

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The Vortex of Can’t

Lead Today

I had the misfortune recently of sitting in on a meeting that was quickly swallowed up by the Vortex of Can?t. Everyone, not nearly everyone, I mean everyone, was discussing the things that they can?t do. This by the way was with a group of people who are paid to do what they can.

After 45 minutes of listening to this I announced I was leaving the meeting. I suggested they invite me back to another meeting when they were ready to discuss what they could do. I haven?t heard anything from the group yet.

I believe that success in any endeavor is about momentum. Momentum is actually pretty easy to build and that?s the good news. The bad news is that it?s also easy to build momentum in the wrong direction.

Discussing all the things you can?t do in a planning meeting is building momentum in the wrong direction.

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Видео пост: #eu2018bg Защо българите масово емигрират?

Personal Blog of Dr. Radosveta Vassileva

Знаете ли, че според ООН, България е страната с най-бързо свиващо се население в света? Информирани ли сте, че България е с трето най-високо ниво на смъртност в света според ЦРУ? Наясно ли сте, че повече българи работят извън граница, отколкото в България? Осведомени ли сте, че българите масово сменят гражданството си?

В своята статия “#eu2018bg: Защо младите хора не виждат бъдещето си в България?”, разказах как липсата на върховенство на закона, икономическата криза и безперспективността тласкат младите хора навън. Ето защо, е шокиращо, че един от приоритетите на българското европредседателство е бъдещето на младите хора в Европа, тъй като управляващите нямат нито експертиза, нито визия, за да водят дискусията по темата.

В този блог пост напомням основните изводи на изследването си:

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