In the Struggle for Freedom of Expression, I stand with Julian Assange



Today I reassert my own voice because a courageous man has been arbitrarily silenced and isolated. Today I speak out because this man — a bastion of freedom whom I had come to view as unstoppable — has been silenced by powerful forces of oppression acting outside the rule of law. Today I speak out because without my voice, without your voice, without our voice, this man’s human rights will continue to be violated. Today I speak out in the hope that his ability to fight this injustice will be amplified by my voice. Join me!

A terrible propaganda war of great proportions has been underway against Julian Assange over the course of this decade. A propaganda war with many grotesque and ridiculous tactics, focusing on such menial aspects as the hygiene and bodily odors of its victim. A propaganda war that has branded Julian as a rapist, although he…

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