Bill Richardson’s Center for Global Engagement Supports Tzvetan Vassilev’s Application under the US Magnitsky Act

Bulgarian Magnitsky

Tzvetan Vassilev and Radosveta Vassileva Tzvetan Vassilev with his daughter Dr. Radosveta Vassileva: The Vassilevs believe the US Magnitsky Act is a unique chance to fight Bulgarian corruption

Earlier this year, former Governor of New Mexico Bill Richardson took personal interest in the case of Tzvetan Vassilev who is subjected to abuse of human rights by Bulgaria as he exposed the corrupt mechanisms of Bulgaria’s political mafia. In an op-ed for his Center for Global Engagement, Richardson referred to Tzvetan Vassilev’s case as ‘Bulgaria’s Magnitsky.’

‘Tzvetan Vassilev’s case returns a dismal, granular picture of autocratic rulers in a nominal democracy plagued by pervasive corruption and dominated by a Bulgarian mafia with its systematic abuses of state authority harking back to the fall of Communism,’ emphasizes Richardson. The distinguished US diplomat clarifies that there are many similarities between the Magnitsky case, which motivated the US government to enact the Magnitsky Act, and Tzvetan Vassilev’s case. ‘State-directed…

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